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Friday, October 7, 2011

Made for each other

This cardigan and this dress... made for each other. Manufactured 17 years apart, they are united at last, in my closet. A love story for the ages. Sorry, apparently my ability to make sense died last night and now I'm going to anthropomorphize everything and make objects fall in love. Forever.

Cardigan - Blue Asphalt (OMG, it is seriously from when I was in 8th grade...as in 1994. So I Googled the brand and it is a Wet Seal brand... damn, I was hoping it was from Contempo Casual or Carousel)
Dress - thrifted Target
Wedges - Nicole (hand me downs from my friend Megan)
Well, it's the annual Zombie Pub Crawl on Saturday, and I am sitting it out this year... the photo booth. Ruins my social life. Actually it's fine. There has only been about nine months of my life (well, since I started working at 15) where I haven't worked weekends, so I'm used to it. I have also had 4 jobs at a time for the past 9 years, so it's old news to me. Besides, I can always hang out at the local zombie bar whenever I need a fill of the undead. Speaking of which, I REAAAAAAALY need to get started sewing my Halloween costume! So excited (and no, I won't tell you what it is... not til Halloween weekend.)

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