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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Los Flores

It's supposed to be 83 today... which is insane. But I'll take it! I will take any excuse to wear this dress!
Dress - vintage via www.santokivintage.etsy.com (previously worn 1,2,3)
Bangles - thrifted
Sandals - thrifted Candies

Yes, I am wearing approx. 1 million bangles today. I like the clacking noise they make whenever I move my arm! Plus I have a hard time sitting still, so it's nice to have some toys around to entertain me. Seriously, I am constantly spinning them around my finger. I do it with my watch too. Sometimes it makes Nate crazy, like when we're watching a movie and I'm just a fidgety bastard for two hours. I can't help it, I get bored easily!

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