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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Cardigan - Only Hearts 
Dress - thrifted Positive Attitude (shortened a lot by me) 
Boots - vintage Justin via eBay 

Cowboy boots are something I love... in theory. In practice, I kinda find them hard to wear. I don't want to look overly country-western nor do I want them to be just a random afterthought to an outfit. They are kinda a strange height (not to the knee, but not exactly mid-calf either) and a strange shape (that V shape in the front and back just throws me off!) Anyone else have trouble figuring out how to wear cowboy boots? I even have a third pair that I thrifted and I've never worn because I can't figure out how to wear them because they are crazy:
Tacky snakeskin boots

I'm thinking I need to just wear a black dress and rock the insanity boots... any other ideas? I've seriously had them for like 3 years and I need to wear them or sell them. Soon. Closet real estate is too precious to waste on unworn boots.

Some past wearings of cowboy boots... Click on the photos to go to my flickr if you want the outfit info...
9-5-08 Viva La Friday!1-14-10 Rhinestone Cowboy
5-5-10 Catch a tiger by the toe2-19-09 Beltz2-10-09 Over the river3-17-11 I'm not festive

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