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Monday, October 10, 2011

Photo Booth #22-23 and "You look... like a doily"

Saturday night, worked another wedding for the photo booth:
Glasses - thrifted American Optical, prescription replaced
Necklaces - thrifted, garage sales
Dress - thrifted A.J. Bari
Watch - Michael Kors
Shoes - Chinese Laundry

The back (from last time I wore it because I am obviously not wearing that belt or shoes this time):

On Sunday, I dressed a bit more casual because it was an afternoon wedding for the photo booth... I just realized that because I worked last Sunday and this Sunday, I will work 20 days in a row without a single day off... ugh. Oh well, $$$.
Necklace - Target
Cardigan - TJ Maxx?
Dress - Allen B
Shoes - Bakers

And today... this sweater always makes me think of the part in Reality Bites when Ethan Hawke tells Winona Ryder that she looks like a doily because of her crochet dress...
Cardigan - thrifted It's Pure Gould
Dress - thrifted
Sandals - Frye

Otherwise I spent the rest of the weekend with Nate, drinking wine and watching The Wonder Years... which is SOOOOO exciting! I love that show and haven't seen it in forever and now it's streaming on Netflix (which I've never had but Nate does - YAY!) Winnie Cooper FTW! Actually, Wayne is my favorite.

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