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Thursday, October 13, 2011

South... south to Motherboy.

This sweater is very southwest, and whenever I see the word south I immediately think of Arrested Development - "Little did George Michael know that he wasn't going north to the promise land. He was going south. South to Motherboy." And now I've written the word south so many times it no longer even looks like a word. I hate when that happens.

Sweater - thrifted JG Hook ($2!!)
T-shirt - Target
Skirt - thrifted Banana Republic
Shoes - thrifted newstock Target

I've been looking for one of these sweaters for a long time. On Monday, some of the thrift stores were having a 50% off sale for Columbus day, so Nate and I went to one (then we went to dinner and I got the best Cuban sandwich in all of Minneapolis. Trust. I've tried them all. It's a quest I've been on over the past year and a half and the one from Mac's Industrial is the clear winner.) It's weird. I loathe mustard. Pickles are gross. I'm not a fan of pork. Swiss cheese is the worst cheese of all. Yet, combine them all together and it makes the best sandwich in the world, IMO. Strange, I know.

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