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Monday, May 13, 2013

I quit

Whelp, it's been FIVE YEARS since I started this blog. Crazy! And I'm ready to commit to something I should have long ago... I'm done with new clothes. I've always been a thrifter and garage saler and always avoided even secondhand things from Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, H&M, Zara etc... Buuuut I'd pick up new jeans or tees here and there (usually Target, Gap, or J.Crew). Or buy a new dress to attend a wedding, or buy a fancy designer item to reward myself once in a while, whatever. But I've got a big enough wardrobe, and take good enough care of it, and good enough care of myself so it continues to fit that I think I can do it. I can still thrift and there are certain things (like running shoes, tights, underwear, etc.) that just have to be new. But otherwise, I'm done. I just can't justify slave labor, child labor, unsafe working conditions, and loss of life for a $10 shirt. And it's exhausting sending myself into an existencial crisis every time I set foot in a store. So no more brand new things. I don't want to contribute to the endless cycle of consumption and trends at such a high cost to the environment and people's lives. So I'm done. FOREVER. Well, I hope! 

Some faves of the past year... and watch me slowly age...
5-24-12 My heroes (Nate and this skirt)5-21-12 Black and yellow, black and yellow
6-25-12 Brass elephant6-8-12 Moar stripes!
7-13-12 Photo booth style files (40)7-12-12 Seeing spots
7-31-12 All American7-21-12 Photo booth style files (42)
8-3-12 Photo booth style files (44)8-2-12 Dot Co-op
8-24-12 Photo booth style files (46)8-9-12 Golf jacket
8-30-12 Conferences and open houses9-2-12 Photo booth style files (49)
9-1-12 Photo booth style files (48)8-25-12 Photo booth style files (47)
9-20-12 You're a hero!9-25-12 Now tilt your head
10-12-12 Minnesnowta9-26-12 Miss Fashionality
10-19-12 Photo booth style files (57)10-16-12 Crispy leaves
11-14-12 Bitch, please.10-31-12 All Hallows Eve
9-12-12 Gingham and polka dots12-5-12 Midnight oil
3-21-13 Discs2-14-13 Romance and insanity
3-13-13 The Teds3-20-13 Mr. Rogers
9-7-12 Drop anchor3-6-13 Mr. Cool
3-26-13 PYT1-24-13 Eh, it depends

4-30-13 Kooky ladies4-24-13 A whale of a tale

And of course, my favorite day of all... Halloween...
10-28-12 Phyllis Nefler from Troop Beverly Hills

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