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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dressed like sunshine

It's been raining all week long (not kidding, the forecast icon for 6 solid days = rainy cloud or lightning cloud.) Can you tell I don't really have the ability to watch tv in my place? My weather info mainly comes from the icons on my laptop dashboard widget. This year is going to be the least amount of times I've ridden my bike to work! So I'm dressing extra cheery to try to make up for it. It's not working.

Cardigan - hand-me-down from a friend (no tags)
Bangles - thrifted, garage sales, etc
Dress - c/o eShakti
Sandals - thrifted Candies

I'm embroiled in some frustrating stuffffff right now so I'm going to keep it short today and go take my bad fuckin' attitude somewhere else. Toodles! 

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