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Friday, May 17, 2013

Ms. Olson if you're nasty

Scarf - thrifted vintage
Pants - Target
Sandals - Target

Hmm, you can't really see it in that first photo, so here's a few more...

Yep, Nate and I? It's happening. As Michael Bluth would say, "You gotta lock that down." Nate asked me to marry him and I replied, "Duh, babe." A couple months ago he had asked me to email him some rings I liked to get an idea of what I wanted. I sent a few and then sent him this one and said it was perfect. So he bought it (and tricked me by buying it under a different dude's name on etsy so I thought it sold to someone else and I was sad!) It's from 1900, it's platinum (cause I'm allergic to gold), and it's in the shape of a hexagon because Nate and I kinda fell in love at a bar/music venue named Hexagon Bar. So that's that.

P.S. This is the outfit I accidentally got engaged in. I put it on after work last night because I didn't want to play basketball with my special needs buddy in a dress. I wore it over to Nate's house after that, so I figured I better wear it today to document how I looked like a scrub when we got engaged. Which is kinda perfect for us, we're not fancy.

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