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Monday, May 6, 2013

Sorta sailor jacket

Jacket - Brooklyn Industries
Dress - thrifted vintage
Wedges - Nine West Vintage America Collection

Nine West Vintage America Collection

I had another busy but fun weekend. Friday I waitressed until about 10pm then went and hung out with Nate and his roommates. Saturday Nate had to work all day, so I got some spring-cleaning type stuff done around my condo and then worked an elementary school fair for the photo booth. I don't really work at the photo booth company any more (since I got the job at the country club) but they still call me if they're desperate for help (which apparently they were since there were about a million proms on Saturday). Sunday, I waitressed a brunch (but it was pretty slow so I wound up training to work the patio bar, which was super fun!) It was super nice out in the afternoon so Nate and I cleaned out my garage, brought out the grill, and then sat and played cards in the sun!

And, yay! It's finally nice out so I can bike to work again!

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