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Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Jacket - c/o Jacob
T-shirt - thrifted (by Nate!)
Pants - thrifted Express
Shoes - Sak's Fifth Ave brand


I was so happy when Nate was thrifting last week and called me to see if I wanted this Michael Jackson shirt. Perfect that it's Thriller themed too (I did Thrill the World 3.5 years ago!) I haven't worn my "I Glove MJ" shirt in a while either... I was pretty obsessed with graphic tees in my college years but have gotten away from wearing them since I still look pretty young and don't want to be confused for one of the high schoolers at my work. I'll have to dig a few out and wear them with blazers while it's still cold out! 

Last night Nate and I made sushi again and watched the documentary "The Queen of Versailles." It's infuriating and ridiculous and made me want to sell everything I own and adopt a minimalist lifestyle. Regardless, it was good and it's on Netflix instant if you have it. 

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