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Monday, January 14, 2013

Sweater weather

I wanted to wear this little anchor sweater today but it's short sleeved and only 1 degree outside. So I tossed on a blazer and called it good (don't worry, I wore big boots for my walk to the bus.)

1-14-12 Sweater weather
Blazer - thrifted vintage JH Collectables
Sweater - thrifted vintage Joyce
Jeans - Target
Shoes - Minnetonka Moccasin

vintage Joyce anchor sweater detail

I had an awesome weekend. It's so nice not to work for once! Nate and I hung out with his roommates on Friday night. Saturday we made a pumpkin mousse pie, then went to Megan and John's. We had quite an adventure buying all the ingredients for sushi (it took us an hour and 3 different stores to find everything!) But was soooooo worth it! It's super easy and delicious! We also watched the Packers lose and played Catch Phrase. Sunday Nate and I made home-made biscuits and gravy and ate leftover broccoli, potato and bacon soup. Mmmmm. So basically, all I did this weekend was cook and eat.  And drink wine. Awesome. 

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