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Friday, January 25, 2013

Lipstick to the rescue!

I love that I can wear an oversized men's cardigan and ripped jeans, but as long as I throw on some bright pink lipstick, I don't look like a total schlub. It's magic.

Glasses - Prada
Cardigan - Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply
T-shirt - IDK? The dawn of time itself, most likely.
Jeans - Earnest Sewn
Loafers - thrifted Enzo Angiolini

OMG, I want to do a little jig! It's finally Friday! And I have Monday off from work (it's the end of the semester today so we have Monday off for teachers to grade final exams and figure out everyone's grades for report cards. But luckily I don't have to do any of that so I just get a bonus day off!) Woooooooooo! It's been a LONG and COLD week full of sick kids, the school flooding, and a bunch of other things I'm not even allowed to mention. Ughhhh, I am ready to sleeeeeeeeeeeep in. 

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