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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tuesday Wednesday

It's Tuesday and I'm dressed like Wednesday (Addams.) I'm pretty sure this is the only peter pan collared thing I own. I've had it forever but I've only worn it once. Then I threw it in the sewing pile. I shortened it about eight inches or so because it was a supremely awkward below-the-knee length.

1-15-13 Wednesday
Dress - thrifted vintage Leslie Fay Petites
Tights - Cynthia Rowley
Wedges - Ralph Lauren

Yesterday I had one of those necessary but stupid nights. The ones where you move EVERYTHING in the kitchen and give it all a good deep scrub and suddenly four hours have gone by. Annoying, especially since my hands are pretty wrecked from washing them and putting on gloves 100 times a day at work already. Oh well, it's sparkly in there now (until I splatter it all in screenprinting ink once again.) I need a studio!

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