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Monday, October 26, 2009

Dolls, Thriller, and reliving 8th grade

Friday, two little girls at my school came in to my office. One said, "You always dress like a doll." The other said, "What's wrong with you today? That's not fashion-forward. That's so eighties." Um, what? Had to get dressed in about .2 seconds this day... should not have stayed up so late watching The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas with my #1 gay boyfriend... oops.
Bow - vintage clip-on bowtie
Tights - TJ Maxx
Shoes - Unlisted by Kenneth Cole, inherited from sister

 I did the Thriller dance at a local school along with over 23,000 other zombies around the world at the exact same time. www.thrilltheworld.com for info


Jacket - Brooklyn Industries
Tshirt - Target
Pants - Target
Boots - Dr. Marten's

Yes, I totally had these boots in 8th grade (after saving my babysitting money for months!) They no longer fit so I bought these ones off ebay a few years ago, because well, they are awesome. Still.


Sal said...

They ARE awesome still. As is the Brooklyn Industries jacket.

EndHaiku said...

Fantastic black dress. Those students obviously need additional education. ;)

Clare said...

I love that jacket in the last outfit! My mom has those Docs, and I've envied them for the past 10 years. Too bad her feet are TINY and I can't borrow them.

briannelee said...

Ooooo, I love the blue jacket.

I had red and black Doc Martens in high school. I wonder what happened to them....

elena-lu said...

little kids are great arent they?!
dude i love your new banner thingy!

The Thrifty Stylist said...

floral docs? too awesome. i had black and purple and bought a green pair of 8s on clearance at Berks a few years back... i only wear them occasionally... but now i'm coveting printed ones!! gasp!

wardrobeexperience said...

love this outfit. the jacket is amazing!

thanx for adding to your blog roll : )



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