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Thursday, January 10, 2013

El Elefante

A wee bit of '70s and some major double denim today...

Blouse - thrifted newstock Target
Elephant necklace - thrifted
Jeans - Gap
Bracelet - J.Crew outlet
Shoes - thrifted Santorini

O hai, Mr. Elephant.
J. Crew bracelet

I was looking at some photos from this summer and got all sad about how it's cold and dark and I can't ride my bike to work or play basketball in the park with Daniel... I guess as long as my school stays healthy and we don't get a major flu outbreak, I can persevere until April. Plus, I went out to dinner with my friend Megan last night, where I drank an XL margarita and ate something called "The Devil's Shrimp" and we impressed our waiter with our remnants of Spanish from years of classes and time abroad. I wish I had more reasons to practice/keep up with speaking Spanish! Since I stopped working at the golf club a few years ago (where I constantly spoke Spanish with a few of the chefs/dishwashers) I've really forgotten a lot! 

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