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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I Glove MJ, Blanche, and possibly inappropriate use of leggings

Well, looks like this only posting once a week thing may be a permanent thing until school starts again, which I am fine with. It's a good thing when you're too busy living your life to stop and write about it, right?

They announced the death of Michael Jackson on the radio on my way home from work. When I got home I put on my old "I glove MJ" shirt... the glove is sparkly and amazing... I haven't worn this shirt in like 5 years!
Shirt - Alex Aranovich for 2k shirts
Skirt - thrifted
Shoes - Charles David

Regardless of his personal life, he will always have a special place in my heart. I grew up listening to him (on RECORDS no less), torturing my sister with the opening laugh and creaking doors on Thriller, dancing and trying to learn to moonwalk, and crying every time I saw the Man in the Mirror video... plus I've heard Billy Jean while waitressing weddings, every Saturday for the last ten years of my life. That's a lot of Billy Jean. And you know what? Still like it. Still move a little quicker around the dining room busing glasses when it's on.

Tuesday... The boy told me I looked like Blanche from The Golden Girls in this... a bit true.

White necklace - thrifted
Shirt - thrifted
Skirt - thrifted
Sandals - thrifted

Today... Hrm... pushing my personal boundaries on what is an acceptable top to wear with leggings... this one is pretty short, but oh well!

Matchstick belt (worn as necklace) - from a Free People dress
Tunic - thrifted
Leggings - I Heart Ronson
Sandals - London Underground

I have TWO days off next week, so you may get a post on Monday AND Thursday. Otherwise, I'm excited for the weekend. The boy's 28th birthday is on the 4th of July! Not sure what we're doing yet but I'll bet it involves a combination of sailing, grilling, and playing baseball in the park. And beers. Lots of beers.

Maybe a midnight dance party or two... (this was Friday night)

And maybe some porch sitting for the finest people watching in town... (this was Saturday night, after I finally finished bartending around 1am)

Have a great holiday weekend, Americans! Have a great regular weekend to everyone else!


Sal said...

That tunic is FINE with the leggings. Lady, I can't tell you how many women I saw doing leggings-as-pants in Chicago. It was criminal.

elena-lu said...

haha love the blanche comment! the boy is too cute!
and yeah i grew up with MJ music too
im with sal i cant do the leggings as pants thing nor can i really stand to see it, its well i dont know its just a little too much for me

Jess said...

*Awesome* MJ shirt! I have always loved his music, he was truly talented.

Hey, if you are going to be compared to a Golden Girl, Blanche is the one you want!

I think the tunic/leggings combo is fine- it looks like it gives coverage on the important parts, nothing says it has to be a dress!

Sher said...

Perfect use of leggings. It covers the tush ;D

Have a fun weekend, you are always so busy. Amazing you even have time to post.

Alex said...

that floral skirt is wonderful... so floral and bright and happy! and we lost a good one when Rue passed away... siiiiiiigh...


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