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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fakin' it and Madras

What did I do last night? Oh, I was just sitting in a photo booth with a total stranger while someone filmed us pretending to be BFFs and making wacky faces. Last night I had to be a fake wedding guest for a video being shot about the photo booth company I work for. The bride and groom were an actual recently married couple and a bunch of their friends were there too but I was just an extra guest I guess... my life is weird sometimes. Still, I made $75 for one hour of "work" along with some dinner in the form of beer and Afghani pizza. Woop! I wore the exact outfit I wore to my friend Mel's wedding in August. We were supposed to dress for a summer wedding and it's my favorite fancy dress (in case you couldn't tell by how many times I've worn it in less than two years.)

9-18-12 Photo booth style files (53)
Dress - Gryphon
Wedges - Nine West

The back:
Gryphon dress

Today... I'm wearing my awesome madras jacket which is made by Gant too (the oxford I was wearing yesterday was a GANT.) I'm a big fan of their preppy style, but it's hard to find vintage Gant stuff that's women's (or girl's!) I especially love this '60s girls jacket, which has a tag that says "Hand Woven Madras - loomed in India." Neato!
9-19-12 Madras
Jacket - thrifted GANT Girls
Polo - from when I was a bev cart girl at a golf course
Jeans - Gap
Wedges - Nine West

The back:
Madras jacket back

The wedges I wore with both outfits:
Nine West yellow wedges

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