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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Pineapple and Polka Dot

Hmm, Pineapple and Polka Dot sounds like it could be it's own shitty blog, huh? Regardless, I am wearing a polo sweater with a sequined pineapple on it today. I've had this shirt since my freshman year of high school (1994, whut?) Which is why I, like Wendy Brandes, am not a fan of the closet clean-out. I get rid of things that are poorly made or ill-fitting, but in general, once I buy something, I keep it FOREVER. Although, I guess I do sell stuff that I get tired of on my etsy, provided it's vintage. Enormous wardrobe = enormous desire to still fit in that wardrobe. It's my main motivation to exercise and attempt to eat healthy at least a few days a week.

9-5-12 Pineapple and Polka Dot
Sweater - Tommy Hilfiger
Skirt - thrifted aileen
Wedges (they're under there somewhere!) - Nine West Vintage America Collection

Oh yes, observe the pineapple in all it's sequined glory (or something.)
Pineapple sweater detail

My brain is too tired from climbing Mount Saint Immunization Paperwork the past two days to say much today (at one point I referred to it as The Fortress of Paperwork, the name keeps evolving as I chip away at it apparently)... see you tomorrow when I get to start biking to work again! Woooooooooo!

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