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Monday, September 24, 2012

Girly and Girly Army

Saturday night, I worked another wedding for the photo booth...
9-22-12 Photo booth style files (54)
Dress - thrifted Target sample
Shoes - Simply Vera

The back of this dress is so cute, it's got a little collar and buttons all the way down the middle (it's hard to see details on black - sorry!)
9-22-12 Back

9-24-12 Girly Army
Army shirt - thrifted vintage
Belt - thrifted
Pants - thrifted Banana Republic (altered by me - were long flares)
Sandals - Frye

The always amazing back:
Army shirt back detail

Nate and I went to a few thrift stores on Saturday before I had to work. It's Halloween season so all the good vintage and weird things are out! I found a bunch of great stuff. Nate has a cold so we spent all of Sunday watching football in our pajamas (awesome). Hopefully I don't catch it (working in the nurse's office of a school, I have a pretty kick-ass immune system... however this time of year, my allergies are so bad that I can get sick just because I'm so worn down already.) 

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