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Friday, September 14, 2012


Last night Nate and I watched the Packers vs. Bears game, which I was more excited about than him (I grew up in Chicago then moved to Wisconsin so it's a rivalry that will alway thrill my heart.) Though I would have preferred the Bears to win, it was still fun to watch.
9-14-12 Pinky-dink
Cardigan - Old Navy
Dress - thrifted vintage (no tags)
Sandals - thrifted vintage (brand worn off)

Vintage wood sandals

It's quickly turning to fall here, the mornings are getting darker, the evenings are coming sooner and I've noticed a few early leaves changing...
quickly turning to fall on my bike ride home

Note the train on the right side. I love when trains go by on my bike ride home, so long as I don't get stuck waiting to cross the tracks. And the train guys always wave, which is cute!

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LoriLynn said...

So maybe we established this at some point but if not, we are life twins, I also was born in Chicago, moved to wi and then mn. clearly its a recipe for awesome!


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