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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Miss Fashionality

The tag on this vintage blouse says "Miss Fashionality"... is that a combo of "fashion" and "personality?" I guess so, which is ridiculous. Regardless, it's an adorable (yes, adorable, as in a small child should be wearing it, not me) shirt.

9-26-12 Miss Fashionality
Blouse - thrifted vintage Miss Fashionality
Blazer - thrifted little boys
Jeans - Gap
Heels - Tracy Reese

I'm excited beause it's Food Truck Wednesday! My friend Megan (she just moved back to MPLS after finishing her PhD in psychology in San Fransisco!) works across the street from me! So every Wednesday we meet up for lunch and hit up a food truck (well, until it gets cold - then we'll hit up the skyways!) It's super fun to have a lady date and get to try new foods! She has a big window in her office that faces the street and I find it endlessly entertaining to nonchalantly walk backwards by her window occasionally. I'm sooooo mature!

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