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Friday, November 30, 2012

Disco, disco

This vintage cardigan came with a matching sleeveless sweater dress and I'm trying to decide if I should sell them together as a set or just sell the dress and selfishly keep the cardigan even though I have a million-billion cardigans already. So I'm taking it out for a test drive today to see what I think! 

11-30-12 Disco, disco
Cardigan - thrifted vintage International Boutique
Shirt - Julie Brown
Pants - Gap
Loafers - Enzo Angiolini

This shirt always gives me a case of what I'm going to call "Disco Ball Neck"...
11-30-12 Disco, disco

Two more Post-It note sketches from the 30 day drawing challenge...

Day 18, draw a plant. I drew a Dahlia which are one of my favorite flowers (along with Ranunculus and Zinnias.)
Post-It sketch, day 17

Day 19, draw a doodle. I teach kids to draw these frogs all the time when they are sick and waiting to be picked up by a parent.  The distraction usually makes them forget about the fact that they have a fever and thus are an emotional mess. 
Post-It sketch, day 18

Toodles, kiddos! Have a fabulous weekend (because I know I won't... I'm working an 8 hour shift for the photo booth for a corporate holiday party tomorrow. Oh joy.)

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