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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Shiny Happy People

Shirt - Julie Brown
Navy blazer - thrifted little boys
Black skirt - made by me from a terrible dress
Shoes - unlisted by Kenneth Cole, 750 thumbtacks added to the soles by me
Wedges... from that time I put 750 tacks in my sandals and couldn't feel my thumb for two weeks... but seriously, I used these sandals because I got them for free from a friend and they had never been worn. I wear a 7.5 (or sometimes a 7) and these are an 8... I think I need to sell them and make myself a pair that fit. Any takers? I'm thinking like $50? They are Unlisted by Kenneth Cole and today is the only day they have ever been worn. Email me if you are interested.

Also, in case you missed it... Blog, can I get a zoom-in on my, um, neck-al area?
Oh yes. Check it out. Much like a spinning disco ball, the sequins reflect on my neck. Who wants to awkwardly slow dance to "November Rain"??? No one??? Is everyone already crying in the bathroom because this was "your song" with your 7th grade boyfriend? Oh damn, I suppose most bloggers are too young for this to be true. Was your song "My Heart Will Go On" instead? I'll take Axl over Celine any day.

My friend Mike is moving today to WI temporarily then Seattle permanently... I'm pretty sad. Last night we all went out to karaoke to bid him farewell and performed many cheesy songs about him spreading his wings and flying away. I maaay see him next week when I go visit my parental units in the Wisco, so I may get to do the sad goodbye all over again. Boo. 

Anywhoo... SCHOOOOOL'S OUT FOR SUMMA! Actually, no, let's not sing that song. Let's sing "Party all the Time" by Eddie Murphy because it is much funnier and that is what I will be doing for the next 31 days. No work. Just pool parties. Wahoo! I have never worked anywhere that wasn't a school or involved with a school, so I've always had this yearly "beginning" and "end" and I can't imagine how hard it would be to have a regular job and you just work and work and work and there is no new beginning every year to refresh yourself. Ahh, I'm spoiled, I know. I also make no money, I know. 

I just bought this Marc Johns painting, which I thought was pretty perfect for me.... I use too many ellipses and I'll never have a job where I'll make much money, given that I will only work in schools or for non-profits:

My posting and commenting may be spotty over the summer, like it was last year. I plan on wearing a lot of swim suits and not much else. But I'm gonna try to really keep up with the etsy and I'll update the blog at least a few times a week! Sorry this turned into such a long-ass, wordy post! Byyyyyyyye!

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