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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Welcome, this is a farmhouse.

11-7-12 This is a farmhouse.
Sweater - thrifted vintage Kentfield Classics
Jeans - Gap
Shoes - Plenty by Tracy Reese

sweater detail
Whenever I look at this sweater all I see is Hershel's farm and clearly that's a zombie sitting by the tree. If you watched season two of The Walking Dead, that sentence would kinda make sense.

More 30 day Post-It Note drawings...

Day four, draw your favorite place. I picked my kitchen because that where I screenprint t-shirts and cook! My two favorite things!
Post-It Note sketch, day 4

Day five, draw your best friends. I kinda cheated on this one because I didn't feel like drawing people, so I drew some inside jokes and nicknames.
Post-It Note sketch, day 5

Day six, draw your favorite book. This one was hard. I'm not a "favorites" kinda person, I'm too fickle! But Vonnegut is my favorite author for sure, and this was the first book of his that I read. I'm not sure it's my favorite but I do looooooove it. Also the book has nothing to do with cats or cradles but it is called Cat's Cradle. 
Post-It Note sketch, day 6

On a personal/political note, MN voted on an amendment yesterday that would have put a ban on gay marriage in our state constitution. I am thrilled to say it was not passed! We don't have gay marriage yet but that was a step in the right direction! Aaaaaaand as a result, I might have been woo-hooing down an alley with a gay friend and two lesbian neighbors. Sorry if we woke you. :) One of my good friends is the director of a non-profit that was fighting the amendment and he also happens to be gay. Last Tuesday, his mom, who lives out of state, had a heart attack. As he was trying to figure out travel to go see her, she called and said "don't come, you've got work to do. Because as much as I'd love to see you now, I'd rather get to see you get married one day." Annnnnnd let's all cry now. P.S. His mother is out of the hospital now and doing fine! And now that the amendment is denied, he can go visit! Woo-hoo indeed.

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