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Friday, May 25, 2012

A tribute to oxfords

The oxford. The dress shirt. The button-up. The button-down. Etc. Whatever you call it, I am a fan. And until my leg fixes itself (nope, still no MRI results), I'm gonna keep wearing them with maxi skirts and flats.
Oxford - F. by Faconnable (inherited from aunt) 
Necklace - thrifted 
Skirt - thrifted Z. Cavaricci (altered by me - it was a dress... the top was a black mock turtleneck with long dolman sleeves. No. Just no.) 
Sandals - Indeed 

I have amassed quite the collection of oxfords and 95% of them are thrifted (as usual)...aaand these are just the traditional, long sleeved ones. They're just so awesome for layering! Over things, under things, and you can wear them all year round! I <3 you, oxford shirts.

4-7-10 Exotic-tribal-prepster8-17-09 Daisy
11-6-08 Love and theft11-5-09 Farmhouse
4-26-12 Business sequins3-16-11 Idle Threats
4-27-10 Stealing J. Crew2-25-11 Frazzled8-10-11 Handy5-12-10 Le mouthy
4-25-11 Partial Metal Jacket9-3-11 BBQ PDQ
5-14-10 Le legs9-9-10 Dramarama
2-10-12 Heyyy, Jenna6-11-10 Me Miu2-9-12 Blue bows7-21-10 Graphic navy
10-13-10 A fish wish3-31-11 Spring breakout5-26-11 Tom Boy of Minnesota11-15-10 Granny baby
7-20-11 Cleaning lady3-15-12 Time to spring
9-7-11 $1.50 worth of awesome11-3-11 It's all in the socks
1-26-12 I'm not Veronika3-28-12 Hill Billy
3-29-12 Patchwork4-5-12 The sitter
8-21-09 The last boy scout?9-19-11 Roses and polka dots

Oh! And I finally picked the winner for the silver seahorse pin and the winner is...

Beth of The Fashionable Adventures of Bethie the Boo! Yay! Not only is she cute, sweet, and stylish, she's a fellow MN blogger! Congrats again!

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