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Thursday, May 17, 2012

20 Questions

Last night the Nater Tot (ok, I don't really call Nate that) and I went to trivia at the local VFW. I'd never been to their trivia before, and while we had fun, it wasn't my favorite. It took almost 2 hours to ask TWENTY questions (because they made you turn in each answer individually. I guess it cuts down on people just smart-phoning the answers, but c'mon! Most bar trivia has like 50-60 questions!) Anyway, it was still better than sitting around doing nothing and we got to watch the second half of the Twins game while we played, so I'm gonna label the night as a "win" overall. I also got to write our team name twenty different ways, which was fun. There were all sorts of bubble letters, a hangman game, a ransom note, a Wheel of Fortune answer, and a bunch of other ridiculous ways so at least I can keep myself entertained.

Jean jacket - Target (DIY back by me)
Dress - thrifted vintage (no brand)
Shoes - Nine West Vintage America Collection

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