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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Nerd alert

Nothing too exciting to post. I made dinner for Nate and I last night (portobello mushroom ravioli and garlic brussel sprouts!) Then we listened to the baseball game while we painted his bathroom green. Actually that was pretty fun. I had a TON of paint that was left under the kitchen sink in my condo when I bought it 7? years ago. I repainted most of the walls of my condo when I moved in so never needed the paint, I just didn't ever bother to dispose of it. So Nate and I just grabbed all the old gallons and quarts and mixed up a bunch of teals and greens and yellows and came up with a really cool green color for his bathroom! Free paint and a fun mixing project! Woo! I may or may not have accidentally glopped some green paint in Nate's hair! Ooops!

Glasses - thrifted vintage, lenses replaced
Shirt - thrifted vintage Tom Boy of California
Jeans - Gap
Shoes - thrifted Deegow Boutique

 The tag to this shirt is so insanely cute!

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