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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Four more years! Four more years!

Well, on Sunday it was my four year blog-o-versary. Four years and over 800 outfits, all of them different. I had so much weekend stuff to write about yesterday, I decided to just celebrate it today, especially since my school is going on an all-school field trip today so I have to wear my staff shirt, which is none too exciting for the blog. So instead, here's some of my favorite looks from the last year (and my thoughts from the 3 year.)

5-14-11 Photo booth style files5-18-11 Knives and saws
6-24-11 The boy toy7-13-11 Dots and pleats
7-17-11 Photo booth style file (10)7-30-11 Photo booth style files (13)
8-12-11 The dreaded "shortalls"8-13-11 Block Party
8-26-11 OMG, I'm 30.9-2-11 Photo booth style files (16)
9-13-11 EBEW Colored Pants9-15-11 #2 Pencil
9-30-11 Retro-rama10-10-11 You look... like a doily
10-21-11 Photo booth style files (25)10-27-11 I stole this color scheme...
11-2-11 Little Lady Fauntleroy12-7-11 Cross-eyed11-3-11 It's all in the socks10-28-11 A girly badass
12-2-11 Rock and rock and roll12-31-11 New Year's Eve!
1-9-12 Grey skies1-10-12 Gimme a B
1-24-12 By the seashore1-25-12 Black metal
2-1-12 Squirrels and skulls and crack2-2-12 The Wolf Pack (back)
2-9-12 Blue bows2-10-12 Heyyy, Jenna
3-2-12 Big stripes, little dots3-16-12 Safety orange
3-28-12 Hill Billy4-11-12 Mr. Banana Grabber
4-27-12 Aloha and aloha5-1-12 I'm a loner Dottie, a rebel.

Looking through these, I realize:
a.) I'm definitely still not afraid of color or pattern.
b.) I don't have a defineable "look" I don't think, but I guess I'd call it "quirky preppy"... I don't do the bad-ass or simple thing too much. It's usually pretty preppy and girly with a twist.
c.) I love working for the photo booth - it gives me an excuse to dress up so much!

And now, for getting through all those photos, here's a giveaway! A vintage sterling silver seahorse pin!

It's about 2.5 inches tall. I love it but I never wear it since I got my seahorse tattoo! All you have to do is leave a comment on this post to enter (and leave an e-mail if you don't have a blog or another way to contact you through your profile). Yes, even you international readers! I'll ship it wherever!

Wanna follow my blog? on bloglovin'? or pinterest? or facebook? Go right ahead, but you certainly don't have to! I'll pick a winner next Tuesday at 7pm! And thanks everyone for being so sweet and supportive and awesome. Every. Single. Day.

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Jac said...

Congrats on number 400! And I love that pin, do pick me!


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