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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Burgundy and bike

To tell you the truth, I kinda forgot I had this skirt. I have a pretty massive wardrobe but lately I've been trying to pare it down. It's hard because I just see the potential in everything somehow (That style will come back! I'll sew something else out of it! One day I'll wear it, just not TOday! These four jean jackets are different from each other and necessary!) So I was doing a big skirt/dress clean-out last night and found this one dangling from a hanger way in the back. Sadly, I have not worn it in 2.5 years! Gaa! Not okay! So, my loss, your gain! I've got a big pile of vintage to put on the etsy, a big pile to donate, and a big pile to try to sell to Everyday People. And slightly more room in the walk in closet. Now to tackle the rest of the closets! And then try to put myself in that "one in, one out" frame of mind so things stay under control in the wardrobe department!

Glasses - Prada
Polo - from when I was a bev cart girl at a golf course
Sweater - thrifted Target sample
Bike pin - thrifted
Skirt - thrifted Calvin Klein Jeans
Tights - Target
Shoes - Michael Kors

Besides, I figured I better wear this skirt again while the whole "vaguely southwest" thing was still in style!

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