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Monday, August 24, 2009

Sometimes I'm Daisy Duke, sometimes I'm a boy scout

I feel like a less sexy version of Daisy Duke...
Shirt - inherited from aunt
Shorts - American Eagle
Shoes - vintage from www.allerretour.etsy.com Check out those houndstooth soles!

Cold, rain, tornadoes?!?!
T-shirt - Bitten by SJP
Skirt - thrifted Calvin Klein
Sandals - Old Navy

Shirt - thrifted vintage Boy Scout uniform (!!!!)
Dress - thrifted Target SAMPLE
Boots - thrifted Colin Stewart

I wore this on Friday to see a friend's band at a new bar in town... SINGLE LADIES - here is my recommendation to you - GO FIND A VINTAGE BOYSCOUT SHIRT. I've never been hit on so much in my life and I was there with my boyfriend and four other guys. I think it's just because it gave them an "in" - you know, "Oh, I used to be a boy scout. It looked just like that, etc. Where did you get it? etc."

So, it is my birthday on Wednesday, I will be 28. I'm bartending in the morning (hoping I make some extra tips?) and then doing a BBQ, watch the Twins, drink Mojitos and sit on the porch party. I usually do my birthday stuff on a weekend but I just want a low key thing with just 15-20 friends not a crazy party full of friends of friends and feeling like I have to run around and be the hostess.

Last year a bunch of the boys grew beards all August and then shaved them down into creative mustaches on my birthday (I also had fake mustaches for the ladies and for the fellas whose jobs prevent them from growing crazy mustaches)... I don't know how it all started but my Augustache party was fun but just too much work and too many people!

So have a lovely week all, I'll try to post about the birthday shenanigans on Friday!


Sal said...

I think it's because you looked so HOTT in that boy scout outfit! Hope the bday is a blast!

Sher said...

Missed you! and what a fun idea! OF course that shirt makes a woman more approachable ;)

@wesome@bby said...

Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ipopheart said...

aw the first outfit is such a perfect summer outfit- happy birthday!!!


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