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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Four cents

What I wore yesterday...

9-10-13 Four cents
Sweater - thrifted vintage Joyce
Shorts - thrifted The Limited
Sandals - thrifted Dr. Scholl's

vintage Joyce anchor sweater detail

I've had this little vintage anchor sweater for about a year and half now... I'd say I've gotten my twenty five cents worth out of it... since I've worn it six times now, it's down to about four cents per wear! 
5-9-12 S.S. Stripes1-12-12 Anchors Aweigh
1-14-13 Sweater weather9-7-12 Drop anchor

3-11-13 Double stripes

I love it when I can find stuff like this sweater! So cheap and cute and unique! It's the hunt for things like this that makes it easy to give up shopping for new clothes all together. Plus it's kinda nice to go somewhere like Target and not even be tempted to wander over to the clearance rack. I've just taken that option off the table. Easy peasy. Even with the wedding coming up, the only new clothing thing I've bought was a handmade necklace from etsy. And I know it was made by the artist herself, so I'm ok with it. 

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