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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Navy and needles

Yesterday it was 105 degrees. Ew. So I skipped riding my bike and took the bus. I wore a maxi skirt since they're annoying to bike in anyway.

Shirt - American Eagle
Tank - little boys Hanes
Skirt - thrifted vintage aileen
Sandals - thrifted DeeGow Boutique

After work Nate came and picked me up and we met with the coordinator from our wedding venue and our wedding caterers. I was really scared they were going to ask me questions that I hadn't even thought of and overwhelm me with tiny details - but they totally didn't! I'm actually feeling confident that we've thought of almost everything and now we're down to kinda last minute stuff to worry about. Phew!

Over the weekend, Nate got a new tattoo. I bought it for him for his birthday/for quitting smoking. It's been over 3 months since he quit cold turkey! Woo! I'll show you a photo of it once it's healed. It's pretty bad-ass and Nate drew it himself.


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