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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Facing facts

Yesterday's ensemble... every time I wear a marching band or military type jacket or vest at least one kid at my school tells me I look like Michael Jackson. Or Janet.

T-shirt - American Apparel
Vest - thrifted Target sample
Skirt - thrifted Ann Tijan for Kenar
Boots - Modern Vintage

The boots:
Modern Vintage booties

Yesterday after work, and after running some errands and then actually going running - I started a project I've been dreading. The Great Clean-Out and Reorganization. TGCOR. It sounds more official if you give it an acronym.

Nate and I are getting married soon and we haven't found a new place to live yet! We've looked at some houses but we don't want to buy one until we love it and that just hasn't happened yet. So Nate will most likely be moving into my tiny condo after the wedding. And while he doesn't own a lot of stuff, he does own some stuff. After living here for over 8 years, stuff has gotten stashed places when I'm in a hurry and now I have all these disheveled areas that are just wasting space. Yesterday I tackled my crafting/sewing area. I condensed it into about 50% of it's original space and have a huge bag of stuff to donate to Arc's. Round 1 of about 10 of TGCOR is done. Now I just have to tackle my coat closet, walk-in closet, drawers, kitchen, garage, etsy stuff, etc.

I wish I was a minimalist, but I'm just NOT. I'm just trying to be less of a maximalist? Probably not a word. They say what your house (or room) looks like is a reflection of your mind space and apparently my mind has always been busy. I enjoy a chaotic, eclectic aesthetic! Hey, I'm better than I used to be - in high school I collaged my entire ceiling! 

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