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Monday, April 8, 2013

Define "break"

Phew! I'm back! 10 days of spring break and not one of them was a calm, lazy day. I went to WI and IL for a few days to see the fam and extended fam for Easter. I guess that was kinda relaxing and definitely adorable but there was a lot of driving and too much rushing around to loud events to actually be considered a "break."

Nate and Henrik - these nappers can't handle life on the road...

Henrik admiring the wildlife... my parents constantly have deer in the yard. My mom recently counted 11 of them hanging out back there!

Me getting the stink-eye from my dad and Henrik... apparently they weren't feeling photogenic during this freeeeeeezing cold and windy Easter egg hunt. Good thing they're adorable anyway.

When we got back to MPLS I babysat Henrik for 27 hours (so my sister could take her husband to dinner for his birthday one night and then I slept over and watched him the whole next day because their daycare lady took the day off.) To be fair, he slept about 16 of those hours, so it wasn't too hard. Then I worked with my special needs client, and then I waitressed three days in a row. Then it was Monday. Back to work.

Blazer - thrifted little boys, DIY safety pins by me
Polo - ?? No tag, from like 12 years ago.
Pants - Target
Shoes - Madeline

Left blazer lapel - DIYRight blazer lapel - DIY

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