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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Pseudo suit

I'm a big fan of the pseudo-suit. I don't actually own a suit, but tossing on a blazer that matches your pants is practically the same thing, yes?

4-25-13 Pseudo suit
Necklace - TJ Maxx
Blazer - thrifted JH Collectables
T-shirt - thrifted in high school
Cropped pants - Target
Shoes - Ralph Lauren

Necklace detail... I figure if I'm gonna wear an old thrift store shirt from high school, I may as well class it up a bit with a pile of rhinestones... I wore a million old little boys t-shirts in high school and college and I can never bring myself to get rid of them. Vintage tee, skirt, sandals - that was my uniform from '97-'02. In high school, my friends and I would take the train down to Chicago to go thrifting and come back with bags and bags of stuff for like $20. Amazing. I still have a few funny vintage coats from that era too. Ah, youth. It's annoying to know there were probably amazing vintage dresses hanging there for like a $1 but I was too much of a tomboy so I spent all my time trying to find ironic t-shirts. Sigh. Live and learn.


Some sorta-suits of the past...
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