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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A whale of a tale

Sorry for the unplanned absence. I'm one of those people who really proves the "An object in motion, stays in motion" thing. The busier I am, the more I take on. If I let myself sit down, it's hard to get going again, so I just never stop moving! 

So I've been waitressing 4-5 times per week, in addition to my regular day job, my special needs buddy, and keeping up with etsy orders. When I get home from waitressing (after a 14 hour day), I figure, I have to shower anyway, so I may as well exercise first. And after a few weeks, I burned myself out. My immune system is a goddamn bear trap from constantly being exposed to kiddie germs, but my allergies? A whole 'nother story, they've been terrible my whole life. Maybe I shouldn't spend hours digging around in gross basements at estate sales when I'm allergic to mold and haven't slept more than 5 hours at a time in days. Oops. Regardless, I'm A-OK now! And I promise to sit down once in a while. I even have a whole Saturday off this week! 

Necklace - vintage
Sweater - thrifted Joyce Howell
Cropped pants - Target
Wedges - nicole by Nicole Miller

Sweater detail:

Oooh! Whales in love! I found this sweater while thrifting with my friend Megan on Saturday. I was so excited when I found it. I've got a soft spot for whales; my parents started dating when my mom was a waitress at a bar called The Thirsty Whale and my dad used to come in to hit on her. Cuuuute!

Also, new vintage springy stuff in the etsy:

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