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Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Today... it is raining, which will turn to sleet, which will turn to snow. For the next SEVERAL DAYS. SNOW. Booooooo! Especially because Nate and I are supposed to go to a Twins game on Friday. He bought us P.I.M.P. seats as a surprise gift for Valentine's Day. I hope they don't cancel it! 

4-9-13 Fisherman
Sweater - hand knit in Ireland, from my dad
Jeans - Earnest Sewn
Heels - Miss Me

My dad bought me this sweater when he went to Ireland for business when I was probably 16. It's been in my repair pile forever, because a small part of the waistline started to unravel. I finally took the 5 minutes to fix it (geez I am really good at procrastinating). I'm a fan of big bulky sweaters, because, hey, this is Minnesota. Sweater country. But I realize I probably shouldn't wear them. I'm kinda busty so they just make me look even bigger on top, but I don't care. Big fisherman sweaters for all! 

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