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Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas bows?

This is not actually a Christmas sweater, just a red sweater with white bows, but for some reason it just feels Christmasy, you know?
Sweater - thrifted Cherokee
Oxfords - thrifted little boys Cherokee
Jeans - Gap
Boots - Rockport

Whoopie! I don't have to photo booth at all this weekend (but instead I'm gonna spend my Saturday night babysitting Henrik with Nate cause I'm awesome like that). My friend Megan is coming over  tonight to play dress up because she has her husband's fancy work party tomorrow night and she doesn't know what to wear! She's got several dresses to choose from and once we pick one, I'm gonna lend her a fancy-spancy coat and some accessories! Woo! Cue "Pretty Woman," it's time for a montage, Roy Orbison! I'm serious. I've got the song on my laptop, and I'm totally gonna blast it in the walk-in closet while she tries things on. Luckily, she's a good sport and is usually entertained by my ridiculous antics. Have a fabu weekend, internetzz!

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