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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Kale and bears

Monday... worn to teach summer school, run errands with my special needs buddy (his favorite thing to do, really), pick my mom up from the Greyhound station and take her to my sister's place, and feed my nephew Henrik some pureed veggies for dinner (adorable, hilarious, and messy!)
7-16-12 My new old baseball shirt
Twins shirt - thrifted vintage
Jean shorts - thrifted Chip & Pepper
Sandals - thrifted Dr. Scholl's

Tuesday... worn to teach summer school (replanting kale!), take Daniel to the zoo (and spend waaaaay too long in the polar bear area as it's air conditioned), then watch baseball with Nate.
7-17-12 Kale and bears
Dress - vintage via Santoki Vintage
Shoes - Dezario

And here's my special needs buddy Daniel giving his biggest smile in front of the flamingos and doing his best seal impression at the zoo today...

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