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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Couch print pants

Today... worn to take my summer school kids to the farmer's market again. Tomorrow is the last day of this session and we're making fresh pasta sauce to eat tomorrow. A homeless guy approached me when I was with the kids and said, "Hey! I know you! Your last name is Flintstone, right?" I said no and he said, "You aren't Pebbles? You look just like her!" The kids thought this was the funniest thing on Earth, which was cute. Hmm, I have been compared to Wilma Flintstone before... people feel the need to tell me all the time that I look like someone famous, which I don't think is true. I've heard Amy Adams (um, just cause she sometimes dyes her hair red, doesn't mean I look like her), Carol Burnett (I don't look like her, but I do love her), Scarlett Johanson (I think that's more because my deep, raspy voice is similar to hers - though my voice is mostly compared to Kathleen Turner), Bernadette Peters (very flattering as she is insanely gorgeous), Jenny Lewis (ok, mayyyybe) and some girl from American Horror Story who some drunk girls at a wedding couldn't stop talking about but also couldn't remember her name. Sorry, but no, I just look like me and I'm okay with that. 

I found these girl's size 16 Lands End pants at a thrift store. They were too big, floor length, and flares. A few snips and seams later, and I've got my very own one of a kind cropped couch-print pants for $3!

7-26-12 Couch pants
Necklace - my mom got it for me at a garage sale
Tank - Old Navy
Pants - thrifted Land's End (altered by me)
Sandals - thrifted DeeGow Boutique

Necklace and tank detailpants detail

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