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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Little Lady Fauntleroy

This dress is obviously awesome, but I don't wear it very often... the tent shape of it is just not too flattering, so I threw on a shrunken blazer to give it some structure - much better!  And motorcycle boots because with heels I felt like the prissiest, fanciest Little Lady Fauntleroy on Earth and I just can't do it today!
11-2-11 Little Lady Fauntleroy
Blazer - thrifted JH Collectables
Dress - Anna Sui for Target (clearance)
Tights - DKNY
Boots - thrifted Colin Stuart

Yes, I wore my hair down for once and I'm sure work will be full of lice and puke today, just to teach me a lesson. Ahhhhh!

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