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Thursday, November 17, 2011

I'm a witch. A cool witch.

Something about wearing a black floor-length accordion pleated skirt, always makes me feel like I belong in "The Craft." So don't mess with me, I will totally cast a 1990s teen witch spell on you. And not a cute "Sabrina" one either... no talking cats here... just evil teenage revenge.
11-17-11 I feel like a witch. A cool witch.
Jean jacket - thrifted Gap kids, overbleached by me
T-shirt - beck.com
Skirt - thrifted Styleworks
Shoes - Bongo

My beloved Beck "Debra" shirt... and one of his finer songs, IMO.

Aaaaand in other t-shirt news, my pink plaid couch, which has always been difficult to decorate around, has been temporarily reupholstered...in drying men's t-shirts.
Hmm, I did always want to get rid of that pink plaid... one day I'll stop living like a 30 year old college student and buy actual furniture I like, and not just what I can inherit and/or thrift... my own version of the American dream...

P.S. I finally made a facebook page for FutureLint T-shirts... go "like" it... I swear I won't bombard your wall with updates...

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