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Friday, November 18, 2011

Just me and all the weird art kids

Today is one of those days where I think, "Thank goodness I work at an art school." Because I am not ready for it to be 5 degrees out in the morning yet, so I'm wearing a hat inside all day. Although, with the cold weather comes some nice things... like getting to wear these wool Marni pants I love so much. Also, this is the most comfortable sweater ON EARTH. I wear it lounging around the house constantly.
Hat - thrifted
Cardigan - thrifted Winona Knits
Shirt - JC Penney? clearance
Owl necklace - thrifted
Pants - Marni (secondhand from The Garment District in Boston)
Shoes - Target
Haaaaaaave a good weekend dudes and dudettes! I don't have to work the photo booth for once so I've got the whole weekend to make t-shirts and go record shopping with Nate. Yay!

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