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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cranes and seagulls

11-16-11 Cranes and seagulls
Blouse - vintage via eBay
Sweater - Gap
Pins - thrifted
Skirt - thrifted vintage (no tags)
Tights - Cynthia Rowley
Boots - Rockport

I know these are technically cranes on my shirt, but I couldn't resist wearing a few seagull pins... same dif. Put a bird on it and all that.
Operation "Don't Lose Your Mind before Christmas" has been going okay... I got a lot organized and figured out last night... I just get easily distracted. My whole t-shirt operation is in my kitchen, which is not ideal, but I live in a one bedroom condo so it's all I've got. But I tend to start to spaz out about how it's taking over everything and start trying to re-arrange things to fit things better and neater and then all of a sudden it's 2 hours later and things are slightly better but I probably should have just been printing t-shirts that whole time... eh, it will get done. Somehow. In the meantime, birds! Birds make everything better and happier!

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