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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fun with Google Analytics (Cinco de fun-o)

If you don't know what that means, go here for enlightenment. 

futurelint shoes 
 I do not, as yet, have my own line of shoes. Believe me, I will let you know if this changes. I was considering apprenticing for a cobbler this summer, just because I thought it would be interesting... perhaps next summer!

bppt scooting dress
 I do not know what this is, but I'm picturing a maxi dress that is attached to a Razr scooter and it is hilarious.

coolest diy jeans
 Thank you! I don't think that they are THE coolest, but they're pretty cool, I guess.

great big ta ta's
 Nooooooooo... Google, you stop directing pervs with incorrect punctuation to my blog!

how to wear pumpkin skirt
 Hmm, it would need to be a huge pumpkin, it would be heavy and slimy and stinky, and I imagine you would need some pretty hardcore suspenders to keep it up... good luck!

maude cartoons
 If you are referring to Maude of "Harold and Maude," then I'm not sure that exists... so I drew a quick 5 minute cartoon of her just for you!

the future lint ( i have nothing to wear)
 I enjoy it when people add "the" to things unnecessarily... I once dated a guy named Bob and I ALWAYS referred to him as "The Bob" because I couldn't accept the fact that his name was Bob. I would tell you his last name, because it made his first name hilarious and hard to accept, but I don't want to throw ex-boyfriends names all over the internet. I'll just say he was one letter away from being The Sausage King (not just of Chicago, Abe Froman).

vacation outfits- for nerds
 Just your regular clothes, but with a lot of SPF 50 and some clip-on sunglasses.

60s shoes 11
 Finding large vintage shoes is near impossible, so keep an eye out for centaurs, leprechauns, and the tooth fairy while you're at it.

embarrassed to wear a majorette uniform
 I know. I would be too... the old school ones were adorable...

but the new ones are more... a sequin nightmare.

group envogue t shirts
 If you have one for me, I will rock it proudly.

i have a white skirt but nothing to wear
 Liar. You have a white skirt, you JUST TOLD ME SO!

i have nothing to wear + muscle
 Then take an old t-shirt, rip the sleeves off, and there you go. New shirt. Just like Mac.

devils horses
 Sound horrible! That's for adding that to things that will now show up in my nightmares on a regular basis.

thumbtack in the foot
 Take it out.  Wash the wound. Cover it with a band-aid. Make sure you've had a tetanus booster sometime in the last 10 years. Stop stepping on tacks.

wear boots in korea
Most def happens. I am sad to report that there, as in the USA, Uggs are a prevalent outbreak, which must be contained and then destroyed. 

"bitchy orange" "michael kors"
 True. Facts. That is why I love him.

jack skellington is my boyfriend
 Hi Sally! Are you as annoyed as I am that The Nightmare Before Christmas got highjacked by emo kids at Hot Topic? Grrr...

stealing from j. crew
 Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. I got a rep to protect. Stop slandering me on the internet. There is "stealing" from J. Crew and then there is actual stealing. Respect the difference. 


The Suburb Experiment said...

These are so much fun. You are too funny!

Ena said...

Haha, I like to read searched keywords on Google Analytics too! My recent favorite is "where can i buy annie hall look outfits in the mall" :)


Iris said...

hahaha, that brightened my morning


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