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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

woe is me

Jacket - thrifted (it had horrible pointy GOLD SUNS as buttons, I swapped them out for some leather buttons I had laying around, and also put them on an angle, for a more fitted look)
Ribbon rose pin - $2 impulse purchase at Jo-Ann Fabrics last night, what can I say? It was near the register.
Navy T-shirt - Target
Pants - thrifted Express
Shoes - ? Got them in London when I was 16, they are slowly disintegrating.

Me this morning vs. me this evening. On Monday night, while drying my hair post-shower, I felt a weird "twang" in my elbow. It hurt, but after a few minutes it was fine. Yesterday, my elbow was a little sore, but pretty fine. This morning, it was killing me. Went to work anyway cause, well, I'm a trooper. It kept getting more and more sore, then my hand went numb and my whole forearm was tingling. I went in the bathroom and took off the blazer and looked at my elbow. It was big! and fat! and had a big red stripe on it! So yeah, after work I spent FOUR HOURS in urgent care with a puffy red elbow, the constant feeling of "I just whacked my funny bone", a numb hand, and lots of pain. AND I get to go back for more tests! Cellulitis? Pinched ulnar nerve? Cyst? Who knows?!? But I got some pain pills, antibiotics, a sling, a complex drawing on my elbow and instructions to come back if the redness swells outside the drawing. hmm... And, it's happened before, only it was in my forearm, but still the same arm! So, in other words, any one want my left arm? I'm looking to unload it...


Sal said...

Awww, kitten. That ain't good. Keep us posted when they tell you what's up.

edward and lilly said...

eek, how scary.. hope you are ok.

Right, I'm thinking the arm sling needs a little embellishment, maybe something that is interchangeable to match or contrast with your outfit each day.

Reminds me of when I had a car accident and my friends and I would come up with different ideas for embellising the neck brace, it was a pastel pink colour and very difficult to coordinate with outfits.

Work With What You've Got said...


Poor kid. At least you looked cute.


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