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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Nautical/circus and coffee talk

Outfit details: (I forget to do this a lot here, I always do it on my flickr for w_r, so really, come on Christine, let's copy and paste!)

Jacket - thrifted Luella for Target
Necklace - garage sale pocketwatch I put on a chain (the boy looked up the watch, and apparently based on the brand and serial # it is from 1900-1901 and could be worth hundreds of dollars if I find a watchmaker willing to fix it. Hmmm...)
Shirt - American Apparel
Jeans - Built by Wendy sample sale
Boots - thrifted Ann Taylor LOFT

I took an outside outfit shot too because this is the buttery soft leather coat I found when I fell off the thrifting wagon and to show my new Hayden Harnett purse (which was a hella good deal, for HH). I've been carrying the same brown cross-body purse for almost two years (since the infamous mugging) so I wanted one that was a little larger and black. Tada!

Ok, and now for the "coffee talk" portion of the post. I am not the best blogger. I read a lot of blogs, and often people will "answer" comments. I do not. Should I? I never remember when or where I commented on blogs and never really go back to check if they answered or whatever. Do you guys go back and remember where and when you commented to see if I said thanks or whatever? If someone asks a question, I'll reply but otherwise, please know that I THANK YOU ALL for reading my pathetic little blog about my quirky little outfits and opinions. If there is ever anything you want to know, ask! Don't be shy! In the meantime, who are you? How did you get here? What do you do? Where are you? What makes you happy? Do you have anything you'd like to see more/less of here? Is my layout seriously wonky sometimes (it looks fine on my Apple laptop, but at my work PC sometimes it is a nightmare!)?ETC!!!

Lover you all, all of the time.


Kyla said...

I love this outfit! Very cute and a perfect fit. The pocket watch necklace is awesome!

Sal said...

Hah. I'm pretty wretched at answering comments, too ... unless they ask a direct question. And that's the thing: They're usually just comments. So I say, let 'em lie.

You come highly recommended by both Daddy Likey and E - that's how I got here.

OH! And hoping to swing by Fake Target this afternoon on your recommendation - yesssss.

elena-lu said...

heehee you are cute
i do indeed go back and see if the blogger i left a comment at responded but only because i go to the same blogs each day and since im there i might as well go back one post and see what she or others said
ps, dude i so wish i had a fake target :(
happy day to you

Awesome Abby said...

i'm like you...i could never remember the random places i leave comments to go back and look at them. sometimes, i'll answer the ones on my blog....but i don't really think people go back to them.

i love the jeans....i love the fit of them. i was laughing over your explanation of the legs.... :)

Anonymous said...

love thos jeans :ooo I´ve been dreaming ones like that, and that red&white striped jacket is cute :>>>

WendyB said...

Love that striped jacket!

phamzy said...

great outfit! those two blazers are amazing!


elena-lu said...

and see i am back today and im checking the previous post for comments! :P

futurelint said...

oh dang elena-lu! Hi~ thanks for being such a faithful and upbeat reader! I love your blog and all your daily inspirations!

Mandi said...

I sometimes go back to blogs to see if the blogger responded but I'm not waiting on tenterhooks or anything.

As for your questions:

Who are you?
--I'm a total stanger. But not the creepy kind. More like the kind that reads the blogs of strangers when she's at work.

How did you get here?
--From flickr. You post frequently to wardrobe remix and I like the outfits so I followed the link to your blog.

What do you do?
--For money, I work as a writer and editor. For fun and kicks I ride my bike, pet cats, visit friends back home, watch episodes of The Office over and over again, hang out with the boyfriend, cook spicy foods, and search taxidermy items on ebay.

Where are you?
--D.C. area. Blah.

What makes you happy?
--The boyfriend, new boots, canoeing, cats and kittens, haunted houses, wet dog noses, West Virginia, nostalgia, sitting on the porch, new DVDs, smooches, and thrift shopping.

Do you have anything you'd like to see more/less of here?
--I'm interested in your house b/c from what I've seen of it your decorating is as interesting as your style.

Is my layout seriously wonky sometimes?

futurelint said...

Yay Mandi! You answered all the questions! I love it! You sound fascinating, especially about the taxidermy items - cool! What is your flickr name? (you don't have to tell if you want to remain a stranger!) I'm working on the layout issues, I swear I'm just not all that great at this whole html thing... and I'll post some more house stuff - it's just so hard to photograph! Thanks for reading!!!!

Mandi said...

Flickr name is thatguyisadick. And don't worry about the wonky layout too much...it's not like it's impossible to read that way.


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