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Friday, March 13, 2009

photo, photo, measure, describe, REPEAT

 Jean jacket - thrifted Children's Place (I have so many denim jackets, I'm playing with them today to see which ones to sell and which one to bleach until it's really light)
Jeans - Earnest sewn
Sandals! - thrifted vintage Candies
Purse - thrifted Army issued

Yay! I had the day off and spent it updating the etsy, which is terribly time consuming. So head on over for some great spring vintage (including a Christian Dior blazer, '70s Levi's jean jacket, and cute dresses!) Sadly, I still have more to put up, but I figure I'll have a little time over spring break (we have 10 days off, I'm going to Boston for six days, that gives me a few days to do the etsy and the vacation laundry.) The few minutes I left the house (NEEDED to make a smoothie, so I went to the grocery store) I wore this. I'm carrying this bag today because I'm trying to decide if I should keep it or throw it on the etsy. I thrifted it in Chicago when I was in high school, but think I might be too old to carry a purse with a skull on it (it's Army issued, I'm a little scared it's radioactive and it spent a good two years RIGHT by my ladyparts.)


My Big Mouth said...

The bag is too cute!I'd totally keep it.I love the green dress and the yellow dress on the top row...especially the green!

ipopheart said...

the dior vest is absolutely stunning!
a little over my allowance budget but i can find a way to weasel some money out... i might think of buying it!!!

elena-lu said...

you're too cute and i agree with the first comment keep the bag!

Mary said...

So much lovely! I really adore the yellow and green dresses!

and i can totally related to grocery store trips becaus eyou just need one specific thing! haha

oh, and i'd keep the bag. looks practical.

daddylikeyblog said...

That last sentence had me laughing for a good five minutes straight.


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