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Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Well, on Saturday I got my wish for a storm... a HAIL storm. I am so glad my car was in the garage because a lot of my neighbors have dented up cars from the close to golf ball sized hail that fell. Here is what it looked like outside my door

I decided the storm had passed and met Ryan and a few friends (and a pit bull) at the lake to go sailing. There wasn't much wind but figured we'd try it. 15 minutes later, the wind picked up and we were happy! Till we realized that wind was bringing in some scary storm clouds. We started heading in, but the wind wanted to blow us away from shore. It started lightning and thundering and raining. Luckily Ryan actually knows what he is doing on a sailboat and was able to get us in just as it started pouring rain. We made a mad dash for The Tin Fish (a little cafe under a big concrete overhang covering some of it's tables). About 15 minutes after that, the rain was barely a drizzle and we pushed the boat home. I'm glad we didn't get hit by lightening and Kylie (the pit bull) did fine on the boat and in the storm.

I don't have an outfit for today cause I am wearing PJs because I stayed home from work. I felt this wierd "twang" feeling in my forearm yesterday and then my arm felt sore. I left to go to the Twins game with 5 friends and my arm started getting puffy and swollen. Then my hand went numb and got fat and puffy too. I called in sick to work and felt guilty cause Friday is the last day of school. Anyway, 2 hours and 2 x-rays later, they think I have an inflamed tendon. She said if it gets worse or doesn't get better within a week to call cause I may have a cyst that is irritating the tendon. Whatevs. Here is what I wore Monday


Anyway, I'm off!

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I *Heart* You said...

Hail in June??!! I may be kinda jealous as it is 5000ยบ here in Houston!!!@

Cutie outfit!!


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