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Monday, March 23, 2009

"Spring Inspirations, Vicodin Style" House of Holland

Ok, I was a little torn on posting this one... I did not want my "Spring Inspirations, Vicodin Style" to be mean, or mock the designers I do not like. I like SOME of the House of Holland's stuff (particularly the first two outfits here). I also appreciate that they don't take fashion too seriously and just experiment and have fun with it. That being said I also HAAAATED some of it (as in, all of the mens wear, which was girlier than the womens wear and all of those circle hole jeans.) So, I decided to cut myself some slack for getting a little mean on this one, but remember I was in terrible pain and a lot of Vicodin. So, for better or worse, I give you the House of Holland: (click the photo to make it bigger and readable)

P.S. You can check out the whole runway show here, and see that I am a saint, I could have been mocking a lot of this.


Sal said...

House of Holland was new to me this season and I loved what I saw ... but clearly I didn't see everything. Some of these are downright wacky, as you point out!

Awesome Abby said...

Saint, indeed! (Check out my blog for my post about Saint Christine!) And since you are a lover of baseball, scroll on down to yesterday's post, too! :)

Nonoy said...

Polka dots..;D
Love them..Hope to see you on my blog too.=)

elena-lu said...

well it IS your blog, you COULD write and make fun but you are a saint :)
i think i am not too good at judging the shows for i pick at the little things and find those fascinating if even for their crativity not so actual wearability but im not as daring as i should be i think, perhaps joining the fashion blogging world will help in that (at least that was my hope!)
happy day to you!


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